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James - root canal patient
"Going Through My Root Canal Treatment Was A Very Pleasant Experience!"

My name is James. I came in for a root canal treatment, and I got it on by Dr. Bose. I got referred by my previous dentist because I had chipped my tooth eating a pulled pork sandwich. Like the softest thing that you can chip your tooth eating. Half of my tooth was missing and the rest of it was decayed out on the inside.

When I went in for my root canal, they started to do it. Because it was my molar and I had a secondary canal that is going on down there, that they were having complications. I went in for two treatments at my regular dentist and that is what he decided we are going to send you to the specialist. So then, I came in to see Dr. Bose.

And how I was going to be feeling afterward, it was a very pleasant experience.

Dr. Bose with patient

Dr. Bose

He had a large infection. He was in a lot of pain. He had a previous root canal. Had one canal completely not treated and the other canal halfway done. And obviously, there were bacteria in the remaining parts, so we had to go in and redo the whole root canal for him.

I have been following him up since then and everything is fine. He got a crown, a new crown on the tooth. He has been able to chew on it and eat with the tooth, and it is completely functional.


When I came here after the treatment was done, it was like nothing. I was like, “Oh, this is amazing.” I gargled the saltwater maybe once or twice. And then, it felt amazing. It was awesome.

She walked me through the procedure, everything that needed to be done. It was a very calm, comforting presence there that really helped my hand. And took me from not knowing anything about what needed to be done. Having a full understanding of my treatment. And how I was going to be feeling afterward, it was a very pleasant experience.

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