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Expertise In Endodontics Treatment Is Found With Us

At our specialized dental office by Astoria, NY, our valued patients can look forward to getting the most advanced and quality endodontics treatments. Using state of the art technologies to deliver precise and painless endodontics procedures, our office of compassionate doctors deliver comprehensive care that can save your smile.

Dr. Bose, our highly skilled dentist, earned her Masters degree in the Medical Sciences program in Endodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and joined the DDS degree program from the University of California in San Francisco to further her dental career. Dr. Bose and her team of professionals are committed to clinical excellence!

Alleviate Dental Pain With Exceptional Treatment Methods

Are you experiencing abscess’ or severe toothaches after eating and/or drinking? Do you have inflamed or infected tooth pulp? Or are you worried about what to do next if a root canal treatment fails? At our high quality office by Astoria, NY, our experienced professionals address these issues with proven techniques that can last a lifetime.

From root canal treatments and retreatments, to apicoectomy and pulpotomy treatments, our patient focused office delivers unprecedented success’, saving our patients’ teeth and improving dental aesthetics. After earning her Masters in Endodontics from Harvard, Dr. Bose stays current with the latest techniques and technologies for optimal patient success and long term results.

Dr. Mahua Bose Pillai at Advanced Endodontics of New York

Dr. Mahua Bose Pillai

Growing up in India, Dr. Bose pursued her Masters degree in Dental Surgery and a Masters in the medical sciences program in Endodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She also joined the DDS degree program at the University of California in San Francisco and was awarded the Nguyen T. Nguyen Scholarship for extraordinary achievements and excellence in Endodontics. Dr. Bose has performed all phases of surgical and non-surgical endodontic therapy.

Dr. Ganik

Dr. Ron Ganik

Dr. Ron Ganik earned his degree and a Endodontic Speciality Certification at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and holds an Endodontic Speciality Certification from Columbia University. He is also a part of the Endodontic Alumni Association. Dr. Ganic was an assistant professor of Graduate Endodontics and is a part of the New York/New Jersey Association of Endodontists. Dr. Ganik lectures about endodontics often in the New York City area.

Our Featured Treatments

root canal treatment rendering

Is the pulp of your tooth becoming inflamed or infected? To prevent patients from experiencing severe pain or abscess’, they should come to our advanced practice.

Our skilled endodontist and her experienced team of dental professionals removes the infected pulp and nerve from the patient’s tooth root, getting rid of the infection and alleviating the pain.

Committed to giving our patients painless root canals, we use advanced technology, like the GentleWave®, to give lasting and accurate treatment.

Root canal retreatment dental model

If your tooth does not heal properly after a root canal treatment, causing you tooth sensitivity when you are eating and drinking, or pain after biting or chewing, then a root canal retreatment may be right for you.

Using cutting edge dental technology along with our expert skill and knowledge, patients can enjoy a comfortable root canal retreatment that will lessen the risk of reinfection.

Root canal retreatment is an efficient way to remove infection inside of a patient’s tooth.

After a root canal, have you had persistent inflammation, infection, and tooth pain? Our endodontists give excellent apicoectomy treatments that revitalize and bring back the function of our patients’ smiles.

Although the recovery time for this procedure could take several months, the root end surgery itself can save damaged teeth in 30-90 minutes.

Our highly trained team of professionals work with patients to ensure they experience a fast and painless treatment. Our office stands by our excellent results.

root canal treatment graphic

Do you have untreated cavities, dental trauma, or a long lasting toothache that has been caused by damaged pulp inside your mouth? A pulpotomy or a pulpectomy treatment could be right for you.

While a pulpotomy only takes out the pulp in the crown of the tooth, a pulpectomy takes the pulp out of the crown and the root canal.

Both of these procedures are completed by our caring endodontists who take care to save the pulp of the tooth for happier and healthier smiles.

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Endodontists Have The Expertise On Root Canal Treatments

Do you experience tooth pain when eating or drinking things that are hot or cold? Have you noticed tooth discoloration or loosening teeth? Are there fistulas (like pimple bumps) on your gums and do you have cracked or broken teeth? All of these symptoms can be treated by an endodontist. Failure to see a trusted endodontist by Astoria, NY, could result in ongoing tooth pain, poor dental and overall health, the loss of your tooth’s function and the loss of your natural tooth. Infected tooth pulp needs to be treated by an experienced endodontist.

That is why we strongly recommend you see a trusted endodontist. Endodontists are a type of dentist that specializes in root canals. Using the best techniques and technologies this field has to offer, endodontists, like Harvard graduate Dr. Bose, can effectively treat the inflamed or infected tooth pulp.

Don’t Let Fear And Anxiety Keep You From Getting Treated

Dental anxiety does prevent many people from getting the treatment they need and deserve, especially root canals. Patients who do not use sedation dentistry run the risk of experiencing anxiety, pain, fear and discomfort during their root canal treatment. They also risk not going to their endodontic appointment all together.

That is why our reputable office by Astoria, NY encourages patients to use sedation dentistry when they go in for their root canal appointments.

The types of dental sedation we have to offer are IV sedation, nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and DentalVibe®. While they all vary in how they are administered and how they affect the patient, each one works to keep patients comfortable and relaxed during their root canal procedure. Patients will be able to receive the oral and overall health benefits of receiving root canal treatments with sedation dentistry.

Root canal patient Minju during her consultation

Frequently Asked Questions About Endodontics

At our quality and highly specialized office, patients have IV sedation, nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and DentalVibe to choose from for their sedation dentistry needs. Each option can help patients get through their root canal treatment in comfort and without anxiety.

Patients need sedation dentistry when they have dental anxiety, fear pain and discomfort, have a low tolerance for pain, or simply need sedation to keep them still and calm during a treatment. We have sedation dentistry options to fit everyone’s needs.

Root canals specifically preserve patients’ natural teeth, resolve toothaches, restore the functionality of teeth, and improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. A root canal basically brings back the oral and overall health of our valued patients.

Candidates for root canals include, but are not limited to, those who have bad tooth pain, lasting tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, pain when biting or chewing, discolored teeth, and swollen or sensitive gums.

Patients need root canals when their dental pulp is inflamed or infected. This occurs when untreated cavities progress into tooth decay, when a patient has repeated dental restorations, or when a patient has cracked or chipped teeth.

Our dedicated office makes root canal treatments affordable. We accept many insurance plans, healthcare credit cards like CareCredit, and 3rd party financing. Patients can even conveniently pay for treatments using personal checks or credit cards.

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The Cost of Retreatment

The cost varies depending on the complexity of your case. It will likely be higher than your first root canal treatment because the restoration and filling material need to be removed. Also, additional time may be required to assess and treat unusual canal anatomy.

While dental insurance may cover part or the entire cost of retreatment, some policies limit coverage to a single procedure on a tooth in a given period of time. Our staff can help you apply for third-party financing to ensure your root canal retreatment in New York, NY is painless and affordable.

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