What Is Internal Resorption In New York, NY?

a picture of a person holding his jaw in pain because he needs to treat his internal resorption with a root canal procedure.

Skilled endodontist’s sometimes have to diagnose and treat conditions that are atypical and less common. Internal resorption is one of those atypical endodontic conditions. However, even though it is relatively rare, internal resorption in New York, NY, can be resolved using existing and proven treatment methods. To learn more about what internal resorption is and […]

How Does GentleWave® Help My Root Canals In New York, NY?

Experiencing painful, tender, or swollen, teeth? Are there abscess around the tooth? Is the tooth loose, discolored, or even cracked? When people have these problems with their teeth, they require a trip to the endodontist for a root canal evaluation. But can getting a root canal procedure be painless? Absolutely! In fact, when endodontists use […]

How Is A Root Canal Treatment Performed?

X-Ray Of A Damaged Tooth Needing A Root Canal

Having healthy and beautiful teeth can give people the confidence to share their smile! However, if people are experiencing tooth pain that may be related to an infection, they may be wondering what remedies are available. Luckily, a root canal treatment in Midtown Manhattan, NY can alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by an infected […]

What Is A Root Canal Retreatment In Midtown Manhattan, NY?

a dental implant patient in need of a root canal.

Root canals remain some of the most common types of endodontic procedures. Not only are they painless but they can help you save a tooth that has become infected. However, sometimes root canals can fail. When they do, getting root canal retreatment in Midtown Manhattan, NY, with a trusted doctor can be a reliable way […]

How Does A Root Canal Treatment Help Me?

Dental Patient Questioning What A Root Canal Is

Having a healthy and beautiful smile can raise a patient’s self-esteem, giving them confidence to show their smile! However, for patients who are experiencing tooth pain that may be related to an infection, they may be wondering what remedies are available. A trusted doctor may suggest a root canal in Midtown Manhattan, NY to alleviate […]

What Are The Types Of Abscessed Tooth Treatments?

Dental Patient Suffering From An Abscessed Tooth

Most people would never think twice to deal with an infection on their skin or on a body part. So why do so many individuals overlook signs of an abscessed tooth? Many do not realize that abscesses are signs of an oral infection that must be addressed with the help of a trained doctor experienced […]

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

X-Ray of a Root Canal

There are a lot more to root canals than many patients may think. Though commonly thought of as something to be avoided, a root canal treatment in Midtown Manhattan, NY, can be one of the best procedures patients ever undergo. Most patients are pleasantly surprised when they realize that the process is comfortable and pain-free, […]

How Root Canal Treatments Are Better Than Tooth Extractions

image of a dentist telling her patient he needs a root canal treatment as he touches the cheek where his tooth pain is.

When a person gets tooth sensitivity while having hot or cold foods or drinks, the pain they experience is severe. To treat tooth sensitivity, patients should get a root canal in Manhattan, NY. Tooth sensitivity comes from the pulp of the tooth becoming inflamed or infected. While some people who experience the pain of severely […]