A Pulpotomy vs A Pulpectomy

dr pillai performing a pulpotomy on a dental patient.

Dental pulp is needed for a healthy smile. What happens when a person’s dental pulp gets infected or causes them pain? Patients can either get treated with a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy in New York, NY. In order for patients to choose the right procedure for their needs, it is important for them to know […]

How Does Pulp Regeneration In Endodontics Help Me In New York, NY?

a picture of a an endodontist talking to a patient holding his jaw in pain about how pulp regeneration can help him.

A skilled and caring endodontist can help patients preserve the vitality and health of their natural teeth. Helping patients preserve their natural teeth is one of the most important roles that an endodontist play’s. One way to restore teeth that have been damaged by an internal infection, is through the use of pulp regeneration in […]