Why Should You Choose An Apicoectomy Treatment?

a dental patient receving an apicoectomy

An apicoectomy treatment in New York, NY can be performed to treat patients’ infected teeth when their root canal treatment has failed. Infections may be the result of several factors, including exposure to bacteria or inappropriate dental hygiene. Apicoectomy treatments are a great way for patients to save their natural teeth and be free of […]

What Is An Apicoectomy Treatment In Midtown Manhattan, NY?

an endodontics patient is holding his jaw in pain because his root canal treatment failed and he needs an apicoectomy treatment.

When root canal treatments do not solve a patient’s dental problems the first time, a trusted endodontist in Midtown Manhattan, NY, can treat patients with an apicoectomy treatment. Using the latest techniques and technologies to perform apicoectomy’s, an experienced endodontist can restore patients’ natural teeth and smiles with this advanced surgical solution. When Do I […]