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dr pillai performing a pulpotomy on a dental patient.
A Pulpotomy vs A Pulpectomy
Dental pulp is needed for a healthy smile. What happens when a person’s dental pulp gets infected or causes them pain? Patients can either get...
a picture of a an endodontist talking to a patient holding his jaw in pain about how pulp regeneration can help him.
How Does Pulp Regeneration In Endodontics Help Me In New York, NY?
A skilled and caring endodontist can help patients preserve the vitality and health of their natural teeth. Helping patients preserve their natural teeth is one...
a picture of a person holding his jaw in pain because he needs to treat his internal resorption with a root canal procedure.
What Is Internal Resorption In New York, NY?
Skilled endodontist’s sometimes have to diagnose and treat conditions that are atypical and less common. Internal resorption is one of those atypical endodontic conditions. However,...
a damaged tooth root model showing the need for a root canal.
What Is The Importance Of A CBCT Scan In Endodontics?
Having the best possible equipment is essential for an endodontist. The structures of the mouth can be extremely complex, after all. And cone beam CT...
How Does GentleWave® Help My Root Canals In New York, NY?
Experiencing painful, tender, or swollen, teeth? Are there abscess around the tooth? Is the tooth loose, discolored, or even cracked? When people have these problems...
X-Ray Of A Damaged Tooth Needing A Root Canal
How Is A Root Canal Treatment Performed?
Having healthy and beautiful teeth can give people the confidence to share their smile! However, if people are experiencing tooth pain that may be related...
Dr. Bose Operating On An Emergency Dental Patient
What Types Of Dental Emergencies Are Treated With Endodontics In Midtown Manhattan, NY?
Most people will call their doctors, visit an urgent care center, or stop by an emergency room when they have medical emergencies. But they may...
a dental implant patient in need of a root canal.
What Is A Root Canal Retreatment In Midtown Manhattan, NY?
Root canals remain some of the most common types of endodontic procedures. Not only are they painless but they can help you save a tooth...
a dental patient receving an apicoectomy
Why Should You Choose An Apicoectomy Treatment?
An apicoectomy treatment in New York, NY can be performed to treat patients’ infected teeth when their root canal treatment has failed. Infections may be...

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